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An avid Seattle sports fan who enjoys writing about his opinions

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I have been writing for the past 6 months for www.247sportsstop.com, and am excited to be joining this community. I will provide insight and analysis for all 3 Seattle sports franchise's, as well as occasional thoughts on the leagues themselves.

I specialize in analyzing a teams leadership (front office/coaching). Baseball is my specialty, but I am also very knowledgeable in football, basketball, tennis. Dabble in Hockey and Soccer


MLB, NBA, NFL, Sabermetrics, Tennis

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City of Renton Athletic Department

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Game Analysis, Team Management Analysis

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Justin A. Bell
Tuesday 23rd September 2008, 1:21pm
Hey I would be interested in helping you blog. Just send me some info at chrisabell15@yahoo.com, thanks!
Z.V. Sanders
Monday 26th May 2008, 7:44am
If you have anything you'd like to say, make it known here. If you would like to comment on any single post, please feel free to do so. I ALWAYS welcome feedback

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Mariners Win Game, Still Manage to Lose posted on 09/29/2008

Somehow, the Mariners always find a way to lose. With their 4-3 win over Oakland Sunday, the Mariners finished the season with only the 2nd worst record, losing the rights to the first overall pick in next years amateur draft. Instead, the Washington Nationals will enjoy the opportunity to select Steven Strasburg (SP, San Diego State) in the upcoming draft.

There is some good news for Mariners, the Nationals are cheap and Strasburg will not be. The Mariners may be able to add him to their rotation at #2. If not, my choice would be Dustin Ackley (1B/OF, UNC). Ackley was the NCAA Freshman of the Year in '07, and followed it up with an impressive sophomore campaign. In 08, he hit .417 with 7 HR and 19 SB. In his freshman season he had 10 homers and 20 doubles with an OBP of .448! This

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NFL Week 4 Predictions posted on 09/26/2008
Browns @ Bengals: Bengals
Battle of the beatens! Bengals looked better vs the G-Men last week

Packers @ Bucs: Packers
Still haven't lost my trust in Rogers and Co. after there loss to the Boys. I'm interested to see how much the Bucs will throw this week

Falcons @ Panthers: Panthers
Steve Smith shaking off the rust is a scary thing

Vikings @ Titans: Vikings
In Ferotte we trust

Texans @ Jags: Jags
Could the turn around continue?

Broncos @ Chiefs: Broncos
High powered offense against low powered defense

49ers @ Saints: Saints
Can the Saints live up to expectations this season? This game will tell the tale

Cardinals @ Jets:

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Mariners Found 100-100 Club posted on 09/25/2008

As of Wednesday night, there is a new club in baseball. Problem is, no one wants to join. With their 100th loss of the season, the Mariners became the founding members of the 100-100 club. The 100-100 club is one in which the team has 100 losses with a payroll at or above 100 million dollars. Basically, the 08 Mariners are the worst team in baseball history. Sure, others have lost more games in a season, but I am willing to bet that none of those teams were the disappointment the Mariners were this season.

Before the season began, Seattle was ripe with hope. In a town losing it's most storied franchise (the Sonics) the Mariners provided a much needed escape route. At least there was going to be something good in this city.

As Mariners GM Bill Bavasi made moves to bolster a starting rotation that was meant to be " bullet-proof", according to Miguel Batista, the nation was taking notice as the M's started to work there way towards the top. But people forgot one thing: the team still couldn't hit. All the focus on the starting rotation took the focus off the lackluster lineup the Mariners had assembled.

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To All Bloggers posted on 09/21/2008
Hello Everyone!

If we haven't talked yet, my name is Zach "Z.V." Sanders and I have been writing here since May.

This past January I set up another sports site called 24/7 Sports Stop as a side project of mine. My current writing staff has gotten lazy and stopped posting, and I am looking to add new writers.

I was wondering if anyone writing here would be interested in contributing to the site by posting their work onto the site? The posts would go to the blogspot version of the site, as well as the main site. Think of it as another way to gain exposure and share your work. Along with your single posts, we do collaborations as a site. These include but are not limited to Draft Previews and Playoff predictions.

If you are interested please send me a message or shoot me an email. I do not expect a lot from a blogger on our site, but at the least I would like around 2 posts a week from our writers.

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Ground Game leads Hawks to Win Number 1 posted on 09/21/2008

The Seahawks have finally won a game, and it was an impressive one. The Hawks rushed for 245 yards against the division rival Rams and dominated for the majority of the game on the way to a 37-13 win at home.The Rams offense was constantly out of sinc, and the Hawks defense stopped the big plays from beating them.

The once dormant Seattle running game came to life, as T.J. Duckett contributed 2 TDs and Julius Jones added 140 yards and one TD of his own. On one play in the first half, Jones was seemingly stopped when he was stopped behind the entire Rams D-Line, but somehow escaped and ran behind lead blocker Matt Hasselbeck for a score. Last year, Shaun Alexander would have already "slipped" and fell to the ground by then, but not this year. Jones and Duckett are both backs who don't go down without a fight and have given the Hawks a new mentallity on the ground.

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