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Tanking posted on 11/18/2008

The Seahawks are 2-8, if my memory serves me correctly and ever since they were 2-4 I've heard rumblings about how Seahawks fans should root for the Seahawks to lose the rest of their games and obtain a high draft pick.  I consider this notion in the same realm as Holmgren should resign and Hasslebeck should be cut, but since its grown exceedingly popular.  I have decided to address it.

The theory of tanking is to obtain a high draft choice and set yourself up for the future. It seems innocent enough. Until you look at the byproducts of such a methodology.

           1. It fosters a losing attitude on the team.  There is a reason the Cardinals, until this year, have struggled so often, or the Bengals, or Lions lose year after year.  Sometimes its talent, but a lot of it is attitude. If a front office chooses to quit on the season, it doesn't foster a winning attitude. 

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Neuheisel and The Decline of University of Washington Football posted on 11/13/2008

A matter that only holds relevance in the rainy dirth of Seattle is the fact that Rick Neuheisel, easily the most reviled coach to don the purple and gold makes his return to Husky Stadium Saturday night.  I intend to voice my displeasure towards him, although I am less offended than most at his lying and interviewing other schools.  I dislike his principles of coaching.

The problem many Husky fans have with Neuheisel isn’t actually the lying, it’s not the deceit, or the NCAA violations, or his participation in betting pools.   The real issue is that he took the very essence of Husky football, and destroyed it.  The powerful running game, the intimidating defenses, the hard hitting linebackers, all gone. Why? A) He didn’t recruit quality linemen, B) He only recruited skill position players(Kind of like Willingham) and C) Running the ball was an afterthought. When you don’t stress running the ball, you aren’t able to stop the run.  Thanks to two coaches, Willingham and Neuheisel, the Huskies don’t have linemen and are incredibly soft.  The principles that the program was built on for 30 years were stripped away. 

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posted on 10/24/2008
I get tired of hearing about "BCS Busters". They are nothing other than relatively insignificant little teams begging for scraps from the table, despite how undeserving they are. Oklahoma's laziness and stupidity and a wide level of utter bullshit on Boise State's part is the sole reason we still hear about these teams. If they had to play in a major conference, they wouldn't be mentioned. They would be an afterthought on the level of vanderbilt and baylor. One of the good parts of a playoff system would be the fact that it would utterly refute the idiotic notion that these teams have that they are the best in the country. Despite playing a far weaker schedule, they use their record as currency to knock teams with inferior records, but who play in major conferences, out of bowl g

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posted on 10/22/2008

I missed posting last week, maybe it was depression settling in or something. But it gets hard to write about football when all i see every week is depressing.  However, I did get to watch the UW OSU game from the Don James Center, which I could watch the Huskies lose every game by 60 and the experience would still be enjoyable. Anyways, I thought the Huskies played their second best game of the year, behind only the BYU game. Against Arizona, they were asleep, Oklahoma destroyed them and Oregon redefined the term "men vs boys".  Aside from a couple of breakdowns containment-wise, the defense played relatively well. They did fairly well in gap control and you can certainly tell that the defensive line is improving, they held their own at the line of scrimmage until they wore down in the second half which, despite lots of substituting, they don't have a lot of depth on the line.  One thing this defense lacks, is speed, all of the guys in the back seven are good athletes, but take angles like they are still the fastest guys on the field, which they aren't.

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Weekly Picks posted on 10/10/2008

Here we go...

Saints over the Raiders: The Raiders will score points because their offense, dispute the lazy, overweight and undisciplined linemen, actually has some weapons. However, the Saints are a borderline playoff team royally pissed about last weeks loss.

Colts over Ravens: It will be about as pretty as an eight car fatality accident, but the Colts will scrap and claw their way to victory. Joe Flacco isn't a winner just yet.

Jets over Bengals: No defense, no Palmer, no chance. The Jets continue to inflate their record against sub par competition.

Bucs over Panthers: A ticked off Jeff Garcia starts at quarterback, I still don't know why he was benched in the first place. Would Brian Griese be in the NFL if his father didn't hand the ball off and run bootlegs on the NFL's only undefeated team.

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