1 July 2008

Note: All statistics are through Monday's (6/30) games

All season, people can debate about how the Mariners should have been a better team. I, personally, hate speculating when something can be proved. Because I am such a geek, I know the sabermetrics that can determine if this season is a fluke, or was bound to happen.

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4 May 2008

On the other site I write for, I got into it with a Phillies fan over the way Phils fans ride players right out of town. After defending Dick Allen, the irascible 60s slugger who earned nothing but scorn from Philly fans in spite of his powerful numbers, I offered some more modern examples of guys who have earned the scorn of Phillies fans. First was Abreu, a nice enough guy with a good eye and little pop and whose biggest flaw seems to be his tendency to take a walk, rather than swing at a pitch outside the zone. Phillies fans ran him out of town on a rail.

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