29 July 2009

The Portland Trailblazers added free agent point guard Andre Miller to their roster this week, which undoubtedly makes them a better team. They now have Andre Miller and Steve Blake as their primary point guard as opposed to last season when they had Steve Blake and Sergio Rodriguez. The Blazers will definitely benefit from Miller's vocality and leadership both on and off the court and Greg Oden will appreciate his lob passes he loves to throw to his streaking posts.

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28 November 2008

The Houston Rockets are coming off a hard fought 1 point loss to the Indiana Pacers this past Wednesday at Toyota Center. The Yellow and blue stunned the home town team by scoring often and late snapping the Rockets' three game winning streak. The loss soured the return of forward Shane Battier who made his season debut after missing the first 15 games of the season due to inflammation in his surgically-repaired left ankle.

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28 October 2008

I'll start it off that these are just plainly predictions. My very own gut feeling and how I assume that the season will turn out to be. My opinion is influenced by current stats and my overall impression regarding the NBA teams and players.

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25 October 2008

Lakers will win the NBA Championship! Well at least that what the NBA GM's think not like they know! I want to know who you think will win and Y !! Church

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9 October 2008

On Saturday night, the Phoenix Suns will face the Denver Nuggets outside at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden (home to Pacific Life Open--one of the major events on the men's and women's pro tours) in a pre-season match-up. This is only the second time in NBA's history that a game will be played outdoors. The first being a 1972 preseason game where the Suns defeated the Bucks in San Juan, Puerto Rico at a baseball stadium.

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8 October 2008

With the Pentant races going on and the almighty NFL still keeping everyone including me at the edge of their seats, not only on Sunday but even throughout the week. Even NCAA football fans are direct

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Last night, we lost another star to the pre-season. Antawn Jamison went down with a knee injury after playing only 4 mins. Which begs the question why do we need a pre-season anyway. Now the Washin

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11 July 2008

I am glad it was July 11th. Having that free 7.11 oz slurpee was a blessing in the summer heat. Lets go over what has happened on 7/11.

Football: Brett Favre wants his release. This is an interesting story. I never put pen to paper on this, but I always maintained (as did Tony from PTI) that Favre would be back for the season. Favre wants to play, but the Packers want to move on. What to do, what to do? If I am Favre, the first teams I look at are Minnesota and Baltimore.

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8 July 2008

Major League Baseball’s all-star game is approaching and in all honesty, I am kind of excited.  I like baseball’s all-star festivities, especially compared to the other main sports in the U.S.  And if you don’t mind, I’m going to tell you why.  Actually, what do I care if you mind?

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3 July 2008

I am furious.  The Sonics are gone and America doesn't seem to care.  On today's Around the Horn 3 of 4 panelists said the NBA is better off in Oklahoma City.  That statement is ludicrous.

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Here are my thoughts about the city of Seattle letting the Sonics leave

1. Seattle/Washington legislature are all idiots
If you are a Washington resident, I implore you to not re-elect our Governor (Christine Gregoire). If you live in Seattle, we need a new city council and Mayor. These people had a chance to keep the team here, twice! Yet, nothing was done. We need change if we are to ever get basketball back here again.

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Like most, I am upset about the departure of Seattle's beloved SuperSonics, but I am not writing to vent or point fingers, but rather make other interesting points.

Interesting Point #1:  How will the NBA's western conference be aligned?  Or is the NBA just going to rename the Northwest division?  Oklahoma City is not the northwest and as a resident of the northwest I would be annoyed by the labeling of Oklahoma City as northwest.  It's just not right.  Are they going to be put in the Southwest division, where they belong, making western conference divisions unbalanced?  We'll see.

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2 July 2008

75 million, 75 million dollars, a lot to you and me, but not for a group of oil tycoons who shelled out 350 million in the first place. The Sonics are gone, and contrary to the naive viewpoint of the

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In case you didn't hear, the Sonics have made a deal with the city of Seattle and will be leaving for Oklahoma City for this season. In return, the City will recieve 45 million dollars from owner Clayton Bennett, and could recieve an extra 30 million if the City does not recieve a new NBA team by 2013. The City also keeps the Sonics' names, records, etc.

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1 July 2008

ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that Baron Davis has an agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers to join the team for the 08-09 season and beyond. Details of the contract are not yet available (5 yr, 65 mil as rumor has it)

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27 June 2008

Well, another NBA Draft has come and gone. There were a few surprises, and more than a few things went as projected. Here's a rundown

Rose and Beasley went 1/2, respectively

OJ Mayo was selected 3rd by Minnesota, who eventually traded him to Memphis for Kevin Love in an 8 player deal

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24 June 2008

Last year's NBA draft was easy as a Sonics fan.  Take either Durant or Oden, whoever was left.  This year however, it’s a whole new ball game.  As soon as it was announced the Sonics would have the fourth pick in this draft I thought “what does that mean?”  Now, I'm not stupid, I understand what having the fourth pick means, I just didn't know what that would get them.

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For those of you waiting for the NBA season to begin, I have something for you to do.

Have you ever wanted to own your own team? Wanted to play in the NBA? Well here's your chance. Cyberdunk is a great way to do these things. 

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17 June 2008

As the trial regarding the Seattle Sonics continues I am again infuriated at the whole situation.  Most of my frustration is not with Clay Bennett though.  Although he is most likely taking our Sonics away he is a business man with interests of his own.  I am more frustrated with David Stern and the NBA.

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13 June 2008

Though they don't seem as devastating as the Soriano/Pujols loss I wrote about yesterday, two key players have gone down on two other teams today. Cleveland put Victor Martinez on the DL, while Seattle placed its once-reliable closer JJ Putz back on the DL, both with elbow injuries. And unlike Soriano's freak fracture, there were hints at undiagnosed problems with both Martinez and Putz.

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11 June 2008

The situation that should be David Stern’s worst nightmare continues.  I say should because Stern continues to brush aside “rogue” former NBA official Tim Donaghy.  In the past couple of days Donaghy has claimed that NBA officials have influenced the outcome of NBA playoff games, including, perhaps most notably, game six of the 2002 Western Conference Finals between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

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I first heard of the notion of the NBA having its officials influence games fifteen years ago in Sam Smith's legendary book "The Jordan Rules". In the 1990 playoffs the Bulls had taken a 3-0

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29 May 2008

The Chicago Bulls hired a new head coach today, and its their old one, Doug Collins who got the nod.  Collins has been a solid head coach with a few different teams, but I do not believe he is th

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28 May 2008

The Boston Celtics went up 3-2 in their series with Detroit with a big win at home on Wednesday night.  To me this means that the Celtics have basically clinched this series, because I dont think

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25 May 2008

Here are some stories I've dug up. Always nice to get another perspective on things 


Mariners woes continue as Putz blows lead vs Yanks

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19 May 2008


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Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 20th) at 5pm PST, Kevin Durant will have the honor of representing the Sonics at the NBA Draft Lottery. The Supes have a great chance of obtaining the number One overall selection (19.9% to be exact). Here's a look at what they may do if they get the #1 pick.

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6 February 2008

Apparently the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns have agreed on a trade that would send Shaquille O'Neal to Phoenix in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I believe this is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol (a brilliant move by L.A., by the way) and do not see how this trade can make sense from the Suns' vantage point.

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