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Redskins Fan

Washington Redskins are in need of a Leader. posted by Redskins Fan

The (3-6) Washington Redskins are having yet another disappointing season. RGIII when not battling nagging injuries has looked less than stellar. The defense is nothing to write home about and the head coaching lacks any sort of innovation, on either side of the ball.

However the most disconcerting thing about the Redskins this year is how they are handling themselves off the field. Multiple times this year, the Redskins’ locker room has caused the team headaches and distractions that while, never show up on the stat sheet, are definitely a contributing factor to their poor on field performance.

Players weren’t happy when word got out that certain veterans were laughing and joking in the locker room within a half-hour or so of a 10-point loss to the Seahawks last month. And then two days before last week’s game against the Vikings, a substantial group of players became so rowdy and disruptive that Robert Griffin III’s media session had to be moved outside the locker room. And there’s been evidence that the team feels RGIII has ‘alienated’ himself from the rest of the team.

This is troubling for a team that is struggling to win games, it shouldn’t be struggling to keep their team dynamic. This wouldn’t be happening with a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady on the team. Not that RGIII can’t be that focal leader for this team, but he has yet to display that.

For many years, it was London Fletcher, the defensive captain who never missed a game. But when he retired at the end of last season it left a vacuum that has yet to be filled. And if the Redskins don’t fill it soon, it can and will be a very long, disappointing season for the people of Washington.

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Seahawks Fans

Moss rejects Seahawks' offer, shames team. posted by Seahawks Fans

Retired wideout and current NFL analyst Randy Moss put the Seattle Seahawks on blast as he is upset with the franchise’s tactics in trying to replace Percy Harvin.

Randy Moss confirmed a report that the Seahawks reached out to him with an offer to replace former Viking teammate, Percy Harvin. Moss immediately declined the offer after speculations swirled over Harvin’s troubled dealings with the Seahawks.

Reports indicate that while Percy Harvin came back after an injury, there was trouble in the locker room, in-team fighting and other distractions that led the Seahawk brass to look for a replacement.

This isn’t the first time a former player has been traded, cut, or left the Seattle Seahawks and had less than kind things to say about the franchise. Former wideout, and current Lion Golden Tate, viewed his treatment from the Seahawks with less than rosy memories. The future all-pro wideout was instrumental, like Harvin, in the Seahawks reaching and winning their Super Bowl, and then to be immediately cast aside with no sense of loyalty or appreciation for what they did for the team has to be unsettling for any potential player wishing to go to the Seahawks or being courted by them.

Whether Moss’ blast was justified or not, the fact remains that there is a less than stellar reputation surrounding the Seattle Seahawks and Moss isn’t the only one who thinks so.

This is bad news for a team that isn’t in a big market like Chicago or New York that can use the city and the media market to attract bigger, more high profile players, such as Moss, to their franchise. And what’s more disturbing is the lack of veteran leadership in the locker room. Where is Pete Carroll? Russell Wilson? So far, they are no where to be found.

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49ers Fan

49ers win thriller against the Saints breathes New Life into team. posted by 49ers Fan

 The niners came into this game on the brink of a demoralizing season. Jim Harbaugh's job status became a daily talking point, and people questioned the direction of the franchise.

Yet, Harbaugh and the 49ers shut everyone up by winning themselves back into the playoff race with a 27-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints Sunday.

Although unconventional, Colin Kaepernick led the Niners on a 50 yard two minute drill drive that resulted in a a 45-yard Dawson field goal to tie the game at 24-24 and send the game into overtime, after the Niners defense was able to hold off the Saints Hail Mary throw on a questionable offensive PI call on Jimmy Graham.

With the win, the Niners have breathed new life into their season. From the opening snap, the Niners look determined to win. Antoine Bethea picked Brees off on New Orleans' opening possession, helping set up a four-yard Frank Gore touchdown to give the 49ers' their first of two first-quarter scores.

And while the win was a good step in the right direction for the team, there is still a lot of work left to be done in San Francisco. The Niners are behind the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West and one of many teams, stuck in a dog fight for a wild card spot. It'll be interesting to see how this team responds with a little bit of swagger and momentum as it travels to New York to take on the Giants next week.

Given the controversy surrounding the franchise, players, and head coach heading into this game, the 49ers are just happy to enjoy a win and the relative silence from their fan base and critics that comes after a big win. 

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Chargers Fan

Why Defensive Injuries will keep Chargers out of Playoffs. posted by Chargers Fan

The chargers have the highest percentage of touchdowns allowed in the Red Zone in the NFL. That is not a playoff caliber team. That means not only are the Chargers giving up points, they are letting offenses sustain drives, which eats up clock, energy, and manpower. The Chargers can make the playoffs, but that means they have to be good again on defense, and that starts with getting healthy.

But the Chargers have the bye week to regroup and assess it’s gaping holes on defense. It shouldn’t be too hard as the Chargers, as late as five games into the season, where dominating on the defensive side of the ball. The rushed the passer, stuffed the run, had take-aways, and shut receivers down.

In fact, they led the NFL is scoring defense. They man handled Arizona, left the defending Super Bowl champs in the dust, and had their way with the Buffalo Bills as they notched a shut-out, the definition of a complete defensive performance.

But that only worked because the Chargers had youthful speed and depth to constantly rotate in and keep offenses on their heels. Rookie Jerry Attaochu is able to speed around tackles and get to the quarterback in no time. Rookie Jason Verrett with a sub 4.4 40 speed can keep up with any receiver in the league but also has the bulk to come up and stuff the run from the outside. Manti Te’o’s ability to read the line allows him to fill running gaps better than anyone in the league.

But all of that talent is of no use when all of the players sit watching the games from the sidelines for long periods of time.

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Seahawks Fans

The 2014 Seattle Seahawks posted by Seahawks Fans

The reigning Super Bowl champions look to repeat this year. With one of the best defensive units in the league, the Seahawks will once again rely on their intense defense to beat teams. The front office rewarded two key players, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, with multi-year contract extensions. The defensive backs form the backbone of the best secondary in all of football, so it’s hard to argue about the wisdom of throwing more than $100 million between them.

The team did not just reward their key players on the defensive end but also signed other veterans like Michael Bennett. Signed from the Buccaneers to a four-year deal, he’ll be valuable in stopping the run and rushing the passer.

The linebacking corps will return led by Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith, K.J. Wright , and Bobby Wagner. 

Still, there are some concerns as well. The team lost Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, and Clinton McDonald so the depth has been affected. To address that issue, the team did add ex-Viking Kevin Williams. The team also needs former first round pick Bruce Irvin to finally step up after playing poorly last season.

Quarterback Russell Wilson will return for the Seahawks, and the team will look for him to lead them back to the promised land. It remains to be seen how the popularity will affect his play. Two years ago, Wilson was drafted in the third round because of issues like his height and work ethic. But since leading the team to the Super Bowl title, he’s been an overnight sensation, appearing on commercials and being the subject of many tabloid rumors.

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 Gameday Review: Seahawks 23, Bears 17 posted by Joe Anello

The offense didn’t turn the ball over. Jay Cutler threw for two touchdowns. Brandon Marshall went over 100 yards for the sixth time this season. So far that sounds like a win for the Chicago Bears, right? Not so fast my friend. Let’s get you into the Gameday Review.


(7-5) Seattle Seahawks 23

(8-4) Chicago Bears 17 

Old friend Julius Peppers got the game going with an early sack of Russell Wilson on second and short. Then on a later Marshawn Lynch run, the Bears held him up long enough for Brian Urlacher to force a fumble, which was recovered by Kelvin Hayden. On their ensuing possession, a lucky bounce of the ball kept Chicago from turning it over after a deep pass to Brandon Marshall. And taking advantage of the extra attention to Marshall was Earl Bennett, who caught a twelve yard pass from Jay Cutler and flipped into the endzone for the game’s first score.

After a near miscue on an Eric Weems muffed punt, the Bears had a drive going due to Cutler’s scrambling (a trend that would continue throughout the day). After a pass to Marshall fell just short of the first down, Lovie decided to for the first down on fourth and one from the Seattle 15. At that point in the game with a weak offensive interior, running it up the middle would be a predictable and bad idea. But that didn’t stop Smith, who brought in Michael Bush, who was promptly halted for no gain, turning it over on downs.

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 Gameday Preview: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears posted by Joe Anello

Having gotten back on the winning track against Minnesota, the Chicago Bears face another possible playoff participant Sunday afternoon in the Seattle Seahawks. With some players likely playing despite injuries (Tillman, Briggs, Forte), this preview is clearer than it might have been four or five days ago. Let’s get into it!


(6-5) Seattle Seahawks at

(8-3) Chicago Bears 

The Offense

When news broke that Seattle’s starting corners Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner would be suspended for four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, I immediately wrote this game down as a win for the Bear offense. However, those suspensions are stalled for a week because the players are appealing the ruling. They’ll be on the field and they’ll be causing problems. They’re both tough, physical, and over-sized cornerbacks who like to jam receivers on the line. I don’t think they’re going to shut down Brandon Marshall, but their size is going to give him a different look in coverage. And keep an eye out for safety Earl Thomas, who loves to roam the middle of the field and ball-hawk. So Jay can’t get too forceful with the football.

Chicago does need to focus on jump-starting the running game early with Michael Bush. Forte has an ankle injury, so he needs to see less carries in order to get him healthy for the stretch run. Pound on Seattle’s front four early with Bush and keep that under-hyped defensive line off Cutler. Because Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, and Bruce Irvin are good edge rushers and might give this makeshift Bear offensive line fits. On that o-line, no Lance Louis means the Bears are without their typical lead puller on run plays. Gabe Carimi will be back in at right guard and Edwin Williams will fill in at left guard again. So… yeah… there’s that.

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Richard Kagan

Pack Got Robbed With Officials' Blunders posted by Richard Kagan

I don't like the Green Bay Packers.  I like it when they lose a game.  I like it when they get outplayed.  But last night, they got out offiialed.  They lost to the Seattle Seahawks, but it was the replacement ref's who handed the game on a silver platter.  Seattle's Qb threw a Hail Mary pass to the end zone that was well covered by Pack defenders.  But Seattle wide receiver Grady Tate pushed off one of the Pack players in a blatant offensive interference call that was never meted out.  Pack defender M.D. Jennings appeared to intercept the ball and had possession but landed on the ground as Tate tried to wrestle the ball from him.  The Ref saw this play and awarded the Seahawks a game winnning TD with no time left on the clock.  The Packers were stunned and left the field as a team, as if in protest.  But after several minutes, The Refs reappeared on the field to have the extra point play, a mere formality.  This seemed like an insult to GB who played hard, and overcame a fierce pass rush by the Seahawks to earn the win.  But that was negated by the Refs who handed the game to Seattle.  In this game the players stats don't matter.  The Ref's call at the end, negated any of that, it stole a game away from Green Bay.  As much as I like to see them lose,  I don't like to see them lose that way.  That was a seriously botched call.Continue reading "Pack Got Robbed With Officials' Blunders"

Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 NFL Preview: The NFC posted by Joe Anello

I simply cannot wait for football to start. I’m been diving into preseason film, tearing through roster moves, and keeping myself awake at night pondering the possibilities of the 2012 season. Since the season kicks off with the Cowboys and Giants Wednesday night on NBC, let’s get right into my season predictions for the National Football Conference! As a preface, let me just say that this entire process is weird. I’ve looked a decent amount of schedules, but these records (which, when all totaled with the AFC, will equal out correctly) are more akin to indications of how good/crappy I think these teams will be. Let’s break it down!

The NFC East

Last year the NFC East turned into a slaughterhouse, with no team able to break the double-digit win mark. That didn’t stop these teams from making headlines on a daily basis though. With Philly re-charged for another run, a franchise QB finally in D.C., the Cowboys in a pivotal year and the Super Bowl champs looking to repeat, there won’t be any shortage of news in the NFC East. To preface these predictions, this division is a crap-shoot. The only team I’m sure won’t win the East is Washington. Otherwise these teams will just beat up on each other, ensuring that no one breaks away.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last year’s dream turned into something more like a nightmare as Andy Reid’s Eagles failed to meet expectations. Injuries and soft play contributed to their woes, as Michael Vick couldn’t stay on the field (as usual) and DeSean Jackson was worried about his contract situation. LeSean McCoy was a bright spot, but he couldn’t carry this team beyond its mediocre finish. Drafting Fletcher Cox and trading for linebacker DeMeco Ryans should boost second year coordinator Juan Castillo’s defensive unit quite a bit. If they can maintain that pass rush, Philly’s excellent corners will be able to take advantage of their match-up’s and show glimpses of the unit they were supposed to be in 2011. They’re primed to improve, but their over success still depends on Michael Vick’s health.

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Joe Anello

Notes from Day Two of the NFL Draft posted by Joe Anello

Another exciting, fast-paced night of the NFL Draft passed Friday as rounds two and three wrapped up in under four hours. Without any more filibuster, let’s get right to some of the stories that caught my eye.

-The night after taking Stanford’s Andrew Luck with the first overall pick, the Colts come back on Friday and draft Luck’s tight end Coby Fleener. At that point, the Colts had a field stretcher in a league that has gone tight end crazy. But they didn’t stop there, taking Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen at the start of the third. Allen’s more of a complete tight end than Fleener, being able to get on the end of the line and take on defenders. Still, I thought that would be the last pick for a few rounds that the Colt spent on offense. I was wrong, as they got into the end of the third round to take Florida International receiver T.Y. Hilton, who figures to get time in the slot. So I guess that GM Ryan Grigson isn’t concerned about that shittastic defense? Looks like the new Colts are going the same direction as the old Colts. Spend the valuable assets on offense and fill in the gaps with late rounders on defense. I’m puzzled by their draft. The moves will improve their offense certainly, but they needed to get much bigger on defense in order to handle new coach Chuck Pagano’s schemes.

-With three picks in the second round, the Rams had an opportunity to address a number of needs and even take a chance. Following their pick of receiver Brian Quick to start the night, they took a risk by selecting Northern Alabama corner Janoris Jenkins, who fell off of many teams’ draft boards thanks to two marijuana arrests and other poor decisions. Regarded as the second best (if not the best) cover corner in the draft, Jenkins partners with Cortland Finnegan to give the Rams a ballsy defensive backfield. The action didn’t stop for them there however, following those picks with the selection of the speedy RB Isaiah Pead to help spell Steven Jackson. And if that wasn’t enough, they selected Montana corner Trumaine Johnson in round three. Fisher just overhauled an area of extreme weakness, but he’ll need to stay on top of Jenkins and Johnson to keep them in line. I really like what the Rams did, even if they got too cute and traded away from Morris Claiborne.

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