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Dream Scenario? posted on 08/15/2008

(Originally posted at seahawkaddicts.com)

Gonzo's Highly-Improbably-Yet-Too-Good-to-Ignore Scenario for the 2008 NFL Season:

Brett Favre leads a massively-revitalized Jets team into the Super Bowl against the stalwart Seahawks and Mike Holmgren's final year of coaching.

Would there be any better or more appropriate way to end this season? And try to engage your suspension of disbelief here with me for just a second while I lay this one out, and why it's at least halfway possible. (Though realistically, it's about as likely as Kellen Clemens making the Pro Bowl.)

The Jets had arguably one of the best drafts in the NFL this year. Eric Mangini got exactly what he needed - on paper, anyway - with Dustin Keller and Vernon Gholston. Outside of the draft, the offensive line got a huge boost with the addition of Alan Faneca, and Thomas Jones will be able to take a breather once in a while with Jesse Chatman running the ball with solid backup Leon Washington. The defense also got a breath of life with Calvin Pace joining the ranks, which should make the Jets' front seven more formidable than it was last year. (Which isn't saying much, I know.)

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thoughts & musings about the game, future posted on 08/11/2008

As you probably have figured out, seahawkaddicts.com has become my new top priority in terms of Seahawks blogging, but I'll continue to keep this one breathing as I see necessary.

But enough of that. The Seahawks' opening exhibition game in Minnesota on Friday night went as well as it ever could've -- a few expected mistakes carrying the intention of working out the kinks in the system, but largely a commanding and convincing performance.

Cause for applause:

-Seneca Wallace's outstanding performance at quarterback. This was the best I've ever seen the kid play, and he showed the fans why he's being regarded as one of the top backup QBs in the league right now. He channeled some Tom Brady in the way that he spread the ball around, hooking up with unknowns Trent Shelton and Joel Filani for touchdown receptions. Seneca was also a top reason why 15 Seahawks caught passes Friday night.

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Training Camp Starting Time and Date posted on 07/19/2008

It's finally official -

The Seahawks' training camp begins Thursday (July 25) at 9:15 a.m. at the Kirkland team headquarters.

Unfortunately, practices there aren't open for public viewing, but the team's annual public scrimmage will be held Aug. 2 at 11 a.m at none other than Qwest Field. Gates open at 9 a.m. that day, and tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for youth (ages 5-17.) Kids under 5 get in free. 

Personally, I'll be there as the doors open, and I can't wait to catch my first glimpse of Logan Payne, Red Bryant, John Carlson and Owen Schmitt all giving their first public performance on the team, ever.  

Is it September yet? God dammit. July 18? Really? I think I may hibernate if it wasn't for the beautiful days we're having up here lately.

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Vikings, Favre, Packers Initiate DramaFest '08 posted on 07/17/2008

Well, it happened. It was bound to, and it did.

A certain rival team of the Green Bay Packers - whose name starts with "V" and ends in "lame quarterback" - has allegedly made contact with Brett Favre just a week after his announcement of unconditional release from the team he'd called home for the past 17 seasons. 

Apparently initiated by Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, the contact has been deemed "inappropriate" by the Packers, who have since filed a complaint with the NFL on the grounds of tampering. 

And since ESPN caught wind of the story , the Vikings have suddenly sunk back into playing the fool and refusing to discuss the issue altogether.

Hmm. Let's think about this one for a second. Bevell is a personal friend of Favre's, and the Vikings are in somewhat dire need of a quarterback with some semblance of confidence and competence during gametime. Because, let's face it, Tavaris Jackson might be young, but he arguably has the most dominant and intimidating offensive line in football. Stats like the ones he threw up in '07 aren't the greatest; weak receiving corps aside. Two names automatically help Jackson out to the nth degree - Steve Hutchinson and Adrian Peterson. 

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Lofa pleads guilty posted on 07/07/2008

Lofa changed his original plea of not guilty to guilty in Monday's court appearance for his May 10 DUI arrest. He will pay fines of $1,255 and spend a day in jail.

He handled this incident to the best of his ability, and because he cooperated and accepted responsibility for what he did, I think it shows even more good character traits about the guy. He screwed up, held himself totally accountable and didn't make any excuses. Lofa's the kind of player any team should be damn proud to have. 

After this, I hope the media shifts their focus to what he does on the field, as opposed to one small mishap that took place during the offseason. Chances are they will, because it's not like he went into a strip club and started a riot. Cough.  

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